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Never forget with Pi Reminders

Finally, a service that makes periodical reminders accessible and reliable

Leamington Spa, England – For those with failing memories, PiCosm announce Pi Reminders – an easy to use cloud service that ensures you remember to take that medication at 10am, put the bins out on at 5pm on Wednesday evening and call that special relative every 1st of the month – if they forget to call you first!

Currently, various apps, services and gadgets allow you to set reminders, however, they are often complex to use or require an app to be installed. Pi takes a different approach by relying on the power of a proven reliable and widely accessible standard – email.

Today, most budget feature and smartphones from Alcatel, Apple (iPhone SE), HTC, Huawei, Motorola (E/G), LG, Nokia, Samsung (S/J), Sony, ZTE and so on include email apps as standard – no installation required. Phone preferences allow notifications to be configured to suit: Audio alert, vibration, on screen message – or all three at once. Further, other devices such as a tablet or PC also provide email access, and your phone will always be with you, so you are very unlikely to miss that Pi Reminder!

To cater for just about any scenario, reminders can be set to occur any number of times daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly – ideal for birthdays.

Pi Reminders are easy to set at any time by you, a trusted relative or carer via an intuitive web based interface accessible from most mobile and desktop browsers. Not comfortable letting someone else access your account? Thanks to Pi multi-user abilities, a carer can create reminders via their own Pi account and share them with you.

Best of all, Pi membership includes the following additional benefits:

  • Warranty expiration alerts are issued a few weeks before the warranty for an item you purchased is due to expire. Ideal if the telly is on the blink and you have been putting off getting it fixed.
  • Make it easier to find receipts by logging purchases with the Pi Acquisitions log
  • Pi Book, Music and Movie logs allows you to maintain an well organised list of books, songs and films you loved, love or want to enjoy in the future.
  • Maintain a shopping list using Pi Tasks and share it with your partner or others
  • The magical Pi Radar shows useful locations in your vicinity, such as public libraries, post offices, hospitals and railway stations
  • Help and advice on how to choose and configure any devices

Technically speaking, Pi is based on structured data, making it future proof. For example, it will eventually interface with IOT (Internet Of Things) devices around the home allowing Pi Reminders to be delivered in an easy to understand spoken voice.

Pi is an affordable £24.95 for lifetime membership, with no renewal. PiCosm does not share or resell user data or display unsolicited advertising within the service.

To signup, visit or contact PiCosm on 07555 107 556 or at

Founded originally as QCOMMAND in Palo Alto, California, PiCosm takes a radically different approach to managing information, with usability, reliability and granular control over user privacy the core value proposition.


+44 (0) 7555 107 556

[email protected]

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