Aerospace engineer

Yes, really. A while back before all the recent (justified) hype about drone deliveries and such, we conceived of a way to get freight and people safely from here to there, and anywhere in between, safely, sustainably and in most weather conditions – above ground. Come help us build what may change the world for the better in a manner few other machines have done before. Your proven excellence in mathematics and rational thinking could make this the most exciting and rewarding ‘job’ ever offer.


Innovation evangelist to liaise with our venture partners

A less glorified term would be business development officer. Your role to evangelise what we offer to those who don’t have it, but may well benefit from it. You are confident, sparkly, intelligent,┬átechnically┬áliterate, honest and a triple P. (A Positive People Person.)



If you have not already talked to or heard from us, make first contact and we will be in touch to ask why you’re the one.