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Pi display format

To make reading a Pi less subject to errors, it is best to display and dictate your Pi in groups of two digits, for example:

Pi 12 34 56 7 or PiCosm 12 34 56 7


Pi 1234567 or PiCosm 1234567

This will be helpful for lengthy Pi or those composed of groups of identical numbers where they may be read incorrectly as often happens with telephone numbers. Using Pi 876222291 as an example, the group of four 2s may be misread as three 2s. On the other hand displaying it as Pi 87 62 22 29 1 makes it easier to read, dictate or write down correctly.

That’s Pi¬†eight seven ¬† six two ¬† two two ¬† two nine ¬† one !

PiCosm have put a lot of thought and use case testing into this, so heed this tip wisely!

Pi 17 01 Business Card of The Future

The business (Pi) card of your future

Where to display your Pi

Display your Pi where you would a phone number or web address. Not only does that make it easy for current and potential customers to conveniently obtain your details, but if someone wishes to collaborate with you in future, perhaps sharing Pi Tasks, they will have your Pi at hand.

Depending on the situation, display your¬†Pi using either short form…

Pi 12 34 56 7 or PiCosm 12 34 56 7

Or using a¬†URL…


Printed stationary
It will save space and look more attractive to use short form.

Email signature and web pages
Display the URL, such as:




or embed the Pi URL in a short form version, such as

Pi 12 34 56 7


Create a new email address and embed your Pi in¬†it. That way, when sharing your email address, you also share your Pi. For example, [email protected]

Pi Signs for Location Pi users

See Spied A Pi?

Pi Product profiles

NOTE: Unlike Location and Personal Pi that are chosen by the user and may be of any length (up to 12 digits), all product Pi (Product identifiers) are generated automatically, fixed at 12 digits and always start with a 9.

Within online content
To preserve your branding, you may want to display each Pi¬†in¬†short form, with the URL embedded in the Pi, for example, the following…

Pi 99 88 77 66 55 44

…contains the URL¬†https://PiCosm.com/998877665544

In print
Listing a number of products? You are recommended to use short form in any tables or below any product shots. Include tips on how to look up the profile(s), for example:

To view a profile of our latest products, input the Pi at PiCosm.com or directly at PiCosm.com/x where x = the Pi.

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