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Set various combinations of alerts that like Pi Tasks, will be delivered by email and also appear as tasks on your PiCosm dashboard. In fact, Pi Reminders uses the Pi Task manager.

  1. ADD > Task
  2. Choose or create a tag associated with the Reminder, for example: Home, Household, Medical, Work etc by selecting it from the TAG drop down menu. Alternatively create a new tag by typing it into the New tag field and clicking the Add/Create control control.
  3. In the Title¬†field, type a name for your reminder, for example: Call Bob, Take red pill, Joe’s birthday, Watch the rugby, Put the blue bin out etc.
  4. Scroll down to the Timings heading.
  5. Select Reminder from the TYPE menu.
  6. Depending on your requirements for this reminder, use the controls to specify how often you want the reminder to occur, on what days or other periods, and for how long you want it to repeat until.Setting a Pi Reminder
  7. When done setting that reminder preset, click Add/Create control
  8. To setup another reminder preset with the same title but at a different time, perhaps later in the day, repeat step 5 to 7 (above) until you have finished. For example, you may wish to set three reminder presets, one at 8:30am for breakfast, one at 1PM for lunch and another at 6PM for dinner.
  9. To cancel a preset (but not the whole reminder task), click the  icon.
  10. Click¬†Save¬†to save. ūüôā
  11. On the due day and time, you will be sent an email, however, you can view the reminder at any time right away from your Pi dashboard (home screen), as long as the TAG and other filters are set correctly.

To edit or cancel a reminder and all presets

  1. Login to your Pi account
  2. Locate the reminder by viewing it on your Pi dashboard, or if you cannot find it, search for it by entering keywords into the Search field.
  3. Click the Edit  or Delete  icon.

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