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The world’s first Find Engine, Pi Radar uses items in your PiCosm Acquisitions log and Public Tags to automatically display businesses in your area that are likely to be relevant to you – Powered by Location Pi.

For example, if you logged the following:

  • Purchase of a Nissan vehicle
  • Signed up for a Vodafone mobile phone contract
  • Purchase of a camera

Clicking the Pi Radar control Pi Radar will display* any Nissan dealers, Vodafone shops, camera shops and picture framers in your locality.

Best of all, a separate list of Useful locations will be shown, such as Public Libraries, Railway Stations, Schools, Hospitals and other public places.

*Assuming such locations are listed in PiCosm

Not listed? No Pi, no you!

Businesses and public locations, to ensure you appear in a Pi Radar scan, signup for a Location Pi account today, or for further details contact us.

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