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Select VIEW > Profile

The profile form will vary depending on the account type you selected at signup: Personal or Location. The information entered will be used by other PiCosm features, but not shared with other PiCosm users or any 3rd party without your permission. All privacy and sharing is controlled from your PiCosm Contact manager.

How will this information be used?

  • Powering current and future PiCosm features
  • With your permission only, integrating with 3rd party services

As is our strict policy, none of your information will be used in a manner that leads to you receiving unsolicited contact from others, although we cannot govern what people do with any information you choose to make public.

Personal PiCosm users

Personal Pi icon

The Personal Pi Profile form allows you to specify multiple addresses, such as your home and work, plus communications methods, from mobile phone to Twitter ID. This information will be used by current and future PiCosm features, but will not be shared without your permission.

Location PiCosm users

Location Pi icon

The Location PiCosm Profile form is where you input information related to your premises or location, such as the address, phone numbers, opening hours and so on.

When someone inputs your Pi number in the Search field or directly via it’s unique URL, such as PiCosm.com/x¬†(where x is your Pi) they will be able to view your PiCosm profile, including a location map, live opening hours and other information. You may¬†specify how much information the public sees using the Contact manager. Ideal if you work from home and would rather not share your full street address, perhaps only revealing your town and a¬†phone number.

You can add additional phone numbers to your profile by clicking the Add/Create control control. Optionally you may give each number a description, such as Reception, Sales etc.

After you input the post code, click the Get Location icon Get location and check the preview map shows the correct location.

Post codes can cover quite a large area and may show the location a few hundred feet away from where it actually is. If the location shown on the preview map is not precise, drag the balloon icon to the precise spot, using the + and Рzoom controls if necessary.

No post code? You can manually input longitude and latitude data by obtaining location information from Google Maps as follows.

  1. Using a desktop browser, zoom in on the location of interest as close as possible
  2. With the pointer positioned over the location, right click (if using a mouse)
  3. Select What’s here?
  4. Individually copy and paste the longitude and latitude information into the appropriate fields.
  5. Click the Get LocationGet location control and check the preview map.

Fill in the rest of the fields as appropriate.

Our friends

This allows you to add to the base of your public PiCosm Profile up to 5 links to other PiCosm profiles, such as those owned by colleagues, of interest to the public, or associated with your business. For example, if you own a theatre, you may wish to promote a nearby restaurant where people would go before the performance. To add an ‘Our friends’ location, input their Pi into the Our friends field and click the resolve Pi Resolve Pi¬†icon.

Finished? Click Save to save.


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