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Requires a Location Pi account


Maintain a permanent easy to share profile of one or more of your products Рeach referenced by its unique permanent 12 digit Pi and associated URL, such as PiCosm.com/996566251363

To ensure consumers trust and rely upon it, login and edit your Pi at any time to update it or correct any errors.

Integration with other Pi features

Although Product Pi exists as it’s own entity, some Location and Personal Pi features extract data from the appropriate Product Pi profile. For example, if a Pi account holder¬†logs the¬†purchase of a product with¬†the Pi Acquisitions log¬†and¬†the item¬†has a Product Pi, the profile data can¬†be used to auto populate the fields on the form, such as brand, model name, number and so on.

Creating a Product Pi profile

Creation of one or more Pi profiles requires a Location Pi account or specific permissions if you have a Personal Pi. If your organisation is composed of several divisions and locations, then it is advised that each signs up for their own Location Pi account and uses that to manage Pi profiles associated with the products managed by that division. Duplicate detection warnings are issued to reduce the chances of creating multiple entries for the same item.

  1. ESSENTIAL! – If not already, read the general Pi Terms & Conditions of service.
  2. Login to the Location Pi account that will be used to manage the profile(s)
  3. Select ADD > Product
  4. A form will appear. Ensure the information you enter is:
    • Accurate
    • Consistent
    • Spelled correctly

Adding an image

  1. A Product Pi Profile can display one image in 1:1 (square) aspect ratio at 150 x 150 pixels, like this. However, to allow for future enhancements such as larger images, source images that are at least 768 x 768 pixels in size, ideally 1024 x 1024. If your images are not at that aspect ratio, they may require cropping. If images are not uploaded at 1:1 aspect ratio they will appear distorted to end users.
  2. Use high quality images that do not feature watermarks or any other products.
  3. Ideally choose shots with a transparent or black background to ensure they blend in with the Product Pi profile aesthetic.
  4. If you are an agent, only use official images from the manufacturer – others may be copyright.
  5. Click the Upload control to upload the image to the Pi servers.

Cropping an image to 1:1 aspect ratio

Cropping an image to 1:1 aspect ratio

Formatting text for lists

To ensure each Product Pi profile appears neat and tidy and to maintain consistency, when inputting text into fields that may contain a list (such as Features, Specification and In the box) separate each item with a comma. To create a sub list, insert a dash before the sub items.

For example:

Camera, – 12 MP, – Autofocus, – OIS, Power, – 3600 mAh removable battery, – Fast charging

Will appear as:

– 12 MP
– Autofocus

– 3600 mAh removable battery
РFast charging 


If your product uses or generates electricity, enter the appropriate wattage value into the field and select Consumption or Generation from the menu. For example, if the product you are listing is a 150 watt solar panel, select Generation and enter 150. This will enable users of your product to take advantage of the LifeMachine LIFEMACHINE Logo energy ratio calculator built into Pi.

Product status

Use the Status menu to select Available or Discontinued, and enter the appropriate dates.

If when the end user is viewing the profile the availability date is in the future, then Due will appear in orange followed by the expected availability date, as shown in the example below:

Example Pi product status

If the product is currently available, then the Available will appear in green followed by the date you specified.

If your product is is no longer available, select Discontinued from the Status menu and specify the date it was discontinued. When the profile is viewed, the word discontinued will appear in red.

External links

  • The Official Manufacturers Link fields are for the manufacturer name and URL for any official online information.
  • The Buy fields are where you enter name and URL of active suppliers. If you are an agent, ensure you include the correct affiliate / associate URL as instructed here.


  1. Once complete, click Save to save
  2. Each profile will automatically be assigned a unique and permanent 12 digit Pi (Product identifier). This is shown in the left column of the view table, at the top of each Product Pi profile as well as in the page title so it will show up in browser bookmarks.

Promoting the product

  1. Display the URL or Pi using any of the following formats:
    1. PiCosm.com/993190973510
    2. PiCosm 99 31 90 97 35 10
    3. Pi 99 25 22 37 82 44
  2. Contact us with the URL and we will tweet it at @ProductPi

For more tips on promoting a Pi, visit the dedicated sharing page.

Viewing a Product Pi profile

Any of the following methods can be used to locate or view a Pi Product profile.

  • Input the 12 digit Pi into the Search¬†¬†field¬†in the main navbar.
  • Directly using the URL¬†PiCosm.com/x¬†where x is the Pi, for example PiCosm.com/992522378244
  • Input keywords in the Search field. If you are logged into your Pi account, search may find other items in your Pi account, such as Tasks and Acquisitions. Scroll down to the Products heading.

Editing a Product Pi profile

  1. Login to your Pi account
  2. Select VIEW > Product*
  3. A table of products associated with the account will appear
  4. Click the edit icon Edit next to the appropriate entry in the ACTION column
  5. Make any changes
  6. Click Save to save.

Hiding a Product profile

To hide a product profile from public view, perhaps because it is not yet available, delayed or for other reasons:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select VIEW > Product*
  3. Locate the product in the table
  4. In the right hand ACTION column click the eye icon  so that it changes to an eye with a line through it . To unhide the profile, click the icon again.

*If you have a large selection of products listed in Pi, as an alternative to browsing the VIEW table, whilst you are logged in, perform a keyword search to locate the specific product you wish to edit. (If you are not logged in, the Edit control will not appear.)

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