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 To manage preferences and settings associated with your account, select VIEW > Preferences

VAT Registration

UK entities only. Registered? Set the checkbox to ON and enter your VAT number. This will be used by current and future PiCosm features.

Company number

If you own a business or this account is owned by a business, enter the company number and country of incorporation here. This is not a legal requirement but optional for use by current and future Pi features.

Pi Destination

Location Pi account icon

NEW! June 2017 – This powerful feature allows Location Pi users to specify what happens when your Pi is input. By default, it will display your Pi Card public profile, but you may opt to display any web page or a full Google map with navigation directions.

Inventory locations

When logging or managing acquisitions, you can specify where a specific item is located, such as a store room, the attic, in a vehicle, with a specific individual and so on. This may be useful for inventory management and/or insurance claims. To specify a person, simply enter their name in the field.

Although the Inventory location fields are created dynamically, when finished, click Save to save the Inventory location information and any other changes to Preferences.


To receive the occasional update about PiCosm, enter your preferred email address and set the checkbox to ON.

To pause newsletters, there is no need to remove the email address, simply set the checkbox to OFF.


Along with Tasks on your PiCosm home page dashboard, PiCosm uses email exclusively to deliver notifications as follows:

  • Imminent expiration of warranties that cover logged Acquisitions
  • Tasks issued to you by others in your team
  • When another member of your team changes the status of a task you have issued or shared with them


Why not create an email address dedicated to PiCosm and embed you Pi number in it? For example, [email protected]. Not only is this a good way to remember your own Pi, but reminds others of it too.

Change password

It is advised that you change your PiCosm account password periodically.


Details for the person legally responsible for your PiCosm account.

Ensure a current email address is included – this will be used to contact the account holder about any important issues. It will never be used for unsolicited communications or released to a 3rd party.

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