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Keep an easily accessible future proof log of music tracks you own, have heard, or someone has recommended to you¬†–¬†no matter where it exists: Online, on a CD or other.

You can mark each track you have acquired or in your playlist and select to only view the tracks you Want Рideal if they have yet to be added to your collection or playlist.

Logging a track

  1. Select ADD > Music
  2. Fill in as many fields as you wish.
  3. To rate a track, click or touch the Pi Pie pi-pie
  4. No Genre appropriate to the track? Feel free to contact us with suggestions.
  5. If you have acquired the track (on an album, playlist etc) and select how from the Have drop down menu, you are then prompted to (optionally) input the price so that when future Pi financial reporting features are made available, you can, for fun or interest, find out how much you have spent on music, or even a specific artist!
  6. Click Save to save.

Viewing & managing your music log

Pi Music Log Browser

  1. Select VIEW > Music
  2. Use the various filters to govern which tracks appear.
  3. To sort the list by preferred attribute (ARTIST, RATING, HAVE etc), click the appropriate column heading. To reverse the sort order, click the heading again.
  4. To Edit the details for a specific track, click the edit icon Edit in the ACTION column.
  5. Delete a track entry by clicking the red trash icon Delete in the ACTION column Рcareful, you cannot undo a delete!

NOTE: If you are sorting by rating, then if you click a Pi Pie to adjust a rating, the column will re-sort, moving the Pi Pie you are clicking to a different position in the column so you may end up clicking the wrong Pi Pie. Therefore, before rating a track, sort the table with a different value, such as YEAR etc.

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