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There are options missing from the ADD & VIEW menus

Some features are unique to either Personal or Location Pi accounts, and therefore will be missing from the main navigation menus. For example, the Forever Music, Movie and Book logs are not available with Location Pi accounts and so will not appear in the ADD & VIEW menus.

Some acquisitions do not appear in VIEW > Acquisitions

Ensure the following are set correctly:

  • TAGS
  • FROM¬†/ TO Date range

Location Pi Card does not appear

Location Pi only

Have you entered enough information on your Profile? If so, have you switched on the appropriate checkboxes on the PUBLIC PERMISSIONS drop-down menu on the Pi Contact manager?

Your Pi Card will only display information that you choose to share.

No map appears on Location Pi Card

Location Pi only

For a map to appear, ensure one of the following are set on your account Profile. (VIEW > Profile)

  1. A valid Post/Zip Code
  2. The position of the location ‘pin’ on the preview map
  3. Valid Longitude and Latitude values

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