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PiCosm is a cloud based service. To use it, your access device of choice will need to be connected to the Internet via a 3G or faster mobile connection or home or office broadband. Currently, no app is required. Everything functions in most modern browsers browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.


When first learning to drive a car or swim, the skills you acquire early on provide a lifetime of invaluable knowledge that you take for granted later. Likewise, taking time to read this guide will ensure PiCosm becomes a central cog of your existence, rather than something you discard prematurely before benefiting from its potential.

Within this user guide, when appropriate, a navigation control Next at the base will display the next page, whilst the Return to Contents control returns to the Contents.

Logging in

  1. Visit PiCosm.com
  2. If not already logged in, enter your Pi and password into login fields.
  3. Click the Login Login control control.

Driving PiCosm

Like a car, PiCosm only has a few primary controls, but once mastered, they will become second nature. The simple MustDash(tm) three part navigation interface at the top makes logging, viewing and searching for items in your PiCosm account as easy as, you guessed it!

Pi navigation controls

Input keywords into the Search  field to locate any content within your PiCosm account, from acquisitions and music tracks* to shared items such as Tasks. You can even search for items by their associated tags and/or (resource) name. IE, Peter Jones Xanadu. If you are logged out, you will only be able to search for public PiCosm information, such as Locations and Products.

The ADD¬†drop down menu is used to ‘feed’¬†items to your PiCosm account, from tasks to acquisitions.

The VIEW drop down menu is for browsing or managing content and account settings.

*Personal Pi accounts only

Your dynamic PiCosm dashboard

When logged in, depending on your usage of PiCosm, pertinent information associated with your account will appear, including:

  • At the top left above the search field, your Pi (number). For your privacy, your name is not displayed.
  • Your LifeMachine¬†LIFEMACHINE Logo¬†energy usage/generation ratio is displayed above¬†the Pi Radar Pi Radar control¬†and Log out Logout control¬†controls. (More on Pi Radar and LifeMachine¬†later!)
  • The MustDash Pi navigation bar, as described in Driving Pi, above.
  • Tasks you have assigned¬†to yourself or that have been issued to you – these will appear under the Me heading.
  • Tasks you have assigned to other resources will appear under Team.
  • Alerts, such as warranty expiration reminders (based on the contents of your Pi Acquisitions log)
  • Any¬†Pi Reminders you have set

Yet to use PiCosm? Then your dashboard will be fairly spartan.

As new Pi features become available, so your dashboard will adjust accordingly.

Returning home

  1. If you have entered any new information into a Pi form, click the Save Save control control first. Forms without a Save control will auto-save any changes.
  2. Click the Pi logo PiCosm logo (logged in)

First time using PiCosm?

Before you (and anyone you collaborate with) can start to benefit from PiCosm, you must configure your account.

  1. Complete your account Profile
  2. Configure your account Preferences
  3. Create tags associated with your account
  4. Add any contacts for any collaborative features
  5. Share you Pi !

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