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One of the most powerful Pi features, log any items you acquire to assist with:

  • Expense reports
  • Locating receipts
  • Receiving warranty expiration alerts
  • Inventory management
  • Powering your Pi Radar scan
  • Preparing a VAT return (UK)

Logging an acquisition

    1. ADD > Acquisition
    2. Assign a tag to the item, perhaps a project name. This will assist with displaying reports later so you can keep track of costs associated with a specific venture or subject. Create a new tag directly on the Acquisitions log form by typing in a tag and clicking the Add/Create control control, or on the main Tag manager (VIEW > Tags) where all your tags are listed. TIP: Ideally, configure your tags with the Tag manager where you can also mark any appropriate tags as projects.
    3. If you know the Pi for the item* you are logging, enter it in the Pi field and click the Resolve Pi  control to auto populate the fields Рelse enter the details manually. *PiCosm allows manufacturers to assign a unique Pi ID to each of their products.
    4. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the item, such as LCD Monitor, Laptop, Mobile phone, Hotel Room etc.
    5. When filling in the other fields, if Pi thinks you may be logging the same item again, it will warn you and display a list of similar or identical items you logged earlier. If you select an item from the list, the fields will auto populate ready for you to edit if the item you are logging is slightly different. Else, you can ignore the prompt and continue filling in the fields manually.
    6. If you are the IT Admin for an organisation, it may help to log the MAC Address of any appropriate devices.
    7. Pi will automatically set the Acquisition date to that when you created the record. If you acquired this item on a different date, then you may override the settings.
  1. Input the Warranty period in months. To be notified a few weeks before the warranty expires (ideal if an item develops a fault but you procrastinate in obtaining a warranty repair), switch the Receive reminder checkbox on. A few weeks before the warranty expires:
    1. Pi will notify you by email
    2. If on the home page dashboard, you have switched on the FILTERS > Warranty Expiration checkbox then an alert task will appear on your Pi dashboard too.
  2. In the Supplier/Vendor area, if you know the Location Pi for the supplier, enter it in the Location Pi field and click the Resolve Pi  control to auto populate the fields Рelse enter the details manually.
  3. In the Order details area, if appropriate, record the number of any invoice issued by a supplier.
  4. If you need to log the location of this item, select from the Location¬†drop down menu that is based on locations you entered in Preferences. If the item’s movement needs to be tracked as part of your organisation, then you can login and change the location at anytime.
  5. For accounting and expense reporting purposes, select the appropriate Expense Type.
  6. Finished? Click Save to save.

Viewing & managing acquisitions

  1. Select VIEW > Acquisitions
  2. For your convenience and to assist with accountancy related reports, acquisitions for the last quarter will be shown by default. For example, if it is currently April, then items acquired between January 1 and March 31 will be shown. To obtain results for a different period, adjust the FROM and TO drop down menus. The results will update instantly.
  3. Use the various filters to govern which items appear. For example, to only show costs associated with travel, select Travel from the Expense Type menu.
  4. Similar to the Task filters on the Pi home page dashboard, the Tag filters allow you to view items associated with a specific project or subject.
  5. To sort the results by preferred attribute (Cost, Tag etc), click the appropriate column heading. Clicking the heading again will reverse the sort order.
  6. To Edit the details for a specific item, click the Edit icon Edit in the ACTION column.
  7. Delete an entry by clicking the trash icon delete-control-tecterran-25 in the ACTION column РCareful, a deleted item cannot be undone!

Acquisitions view table

Filter and browse your acquisitions

Can’t find something you are sure you logged?

  • Have you configured the filters (such as Tags) to ensure the item appears?
  • If all else fails, whilst logged into your Pi account, enter keywords associated with the item in the Search¬†field. IE, Laptop John Lewis to find a laptop purchased from the British John Lewis store.


Keep your printed receipts in envelopes, with each one dedicated to a month, for example, March 2017, April 2017 and so on.

Label envelopes for your hard copy receipts

Need to locate a receipt for a warranty claim or other purpose? Login to Pi and search for the item to obtain the date of purchase that you can then use to locate the receipt.

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