NHS Systems effected by exploit

Almost two years ago, Tecterran introduced a draft overview of Pi Health at WMG in Warwickshire. With NHS and other government IT systems suffering from poor design and management, years before the events of May 12 2017, we began to design a system to give patients control over their medical data and protect it with increasingly secure storage systems of our own design. To make it all intuitive, we have designed and developed a fully functioning UI (User Interface) in the form of the Pi Contact Manager. Patients will be able to use this same UI to govern who can view what of their medical records and allow trusted carers and medical professionals access and control via the Pi collaboration features.
Tecterran shall not activate Pi Health until it is proven secure. Best of all, it will cost the state nothing.

Meet us at Fostering Digital Health and Care Collaborations event

At 17:00 on Monday November 16 2015, Tecterran staff will be on hand at Warwick University to discuss how our Pi Identity Management system could¬†be used to intuitively share patient data between healthcare professionals whilst protecting the privacy of the patient. More details here…

Dogfooding for the VAT man

As evidence of how flexible and efficient it is, during development, we used Pi Acquisitions to calculate the figures for our VAT return. This not only saved time, but quite a lot of money. You could too! Click here to be kept in the loop.