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The heart of Pi, the versatile future proof solution to your single and multi-user project management needs, Pi tasks can be as simple or complex as required, from personal or shared shopping lists, to group projects. Best of all, other Pi features integrate with Pi Tasks, such as warranty expiration alerts and Pi Reminders that appear in your task list.

For ease of filtering and management, our powerful TagItAll(tm) system allows you to assign any number of tags to each task, such as Shopping, Gadgets, Project Xanadu, Berlin2019, Politics Class etc.

Pi Tasks on user dashboard

Versatile filters provide flexible task management to suit any eventuality

Task attributes

  • Unique task ID
  • Tags
  • Resources – People a task is shared with
  • Task title – For example: Oranges, Complete marketing brochure, Book tickets for Chicago
  • Task Description icon  Description – Additional information on the task
  • Link icon Link – Such as to an external Google G Suite Document
  • Status
    • Pending action Pending action
    • In Progress In Progress
    • Held Held
    • Completed Completed
    • Verified Verified

Viewing options

  • Sort by
    • Due (date)
    • Status
    • Alphabetically
  • Logic
    • AND
    • OR

Email notifications

  • Assignment
  • Completion
  • Verification (By project manager)

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