If you see a Pi number on a sign (like that above), a sticker or product, then to view its associated profile or destination*, input the Pi into the search field at PiCosm.com or type the URL directly into your browser’s address bar, for example, PiCosm.com/594273

Pi being input into Search field

Inputting a Pi at PiCosm.com


Bookmark your favourite Pi profiles for future recall.

*Some locations may have linked their Pi direct to a map or specific web page.

Businesses, help passer’s-buy!

Ever walked past a store, venue or other location of interest and wished there was a quick way to make a note of all its contact and other details? Faffing around inputting the name, phone number, address and so on is a hassle, in particular if it’s closed, or you’re in a hurry or it’s cold outside.

Your potential customers or visitors face the same issue, and until now, that could lose you custom. Not any more. Affix a Pi sign to your window and sales counter such that people can photograph, make a note of or punch your Pi into their phone browser there and then to view (and perhaps share) your details.

A call to action in the form of the PiCosm.com URL is shown on each Pi sign, as shown below:

Best of all you gain access to all the invaluable productivity features included with Pi membership.

Location Pi account holders

To order a Pi sign set (one for your window, the other for your point of sale, laptop lid etc), please contact us.